Children are our future: shouldn’t we invest in the right quality facilities, which allow them to learn and flourish and create a more equitable society. Ebaco can offer you a package of flooring and furniture to ensure that your school provides a safe, high quality and vibrant place for children to learn. By providing you with a one stop shop for furniture and flooring products/services, we help you save management time and resources. Ebaco is in fact the only company in India that today can offer you education furniture, education flooring, and sports infrastructure all in one package. As most projects are complicated, many of our customers like the fact that they can have a vendor that can do so many things at one time for them. Examples of the types of projects that we do for our customers are as follows:
  • Customers looking to purchase a large amount of furniture from international markets-Ebaco will take you to the factories and help you and your architect/designer choose products for the entire school-this kind of larger purchase can result in more variety for you, better quality, and a great price to quality ratio
  • Customers looking to have a one stop solution for all their flooring needs in a school-Ebaco can offer our customers colourful floors for the classrooms, acoustical floors for the library, tough floors for the corridors, price sensitive floors for admin areas, and specialised floors for labs for example.
  • Customers looking to develop an indoor and outdoor sports complex. Ebaco can offer a complete turnkey solution for indoor and outdoor sports complexes and many of these products are in stock with us, allowing for quick completion.
The types of areas we can do for you in the school are as follows
  • Classrooms
  • Corridors
  • Admin areas
  • Libraries
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditorium
  • Hostels
  • Sports areas
The types of products we offer are as follows
  • sports-product-1
  • sports-product-3
  • sports-product-4