With current lifestyles and the aging of many populations, developing quality healthcare facilities are critical for our society. As in education and sports, Ebaco can offer you a one stop shop for both floorings and furniture allowing you to choose from options and solutions that will help you build the right healthcare facility. The difference between well designed and constructed facilities and those that are not can be large in terms of long term costs such as negative patient outcomes. Ebaco invests extensively in its execution capabilities to ensure that patients have as healthy and safe a place as possible. Examples of the type of projects Ebaco would do for our customers are as follows:
  • Customers looking to purchase a large amount of furniture from international markets-Ebaco will take you to the factories and help you and your architect/designer choose products for the entire healthcare facility-this kind of larger purchase can result in more variety for you, better quality, and a great price to quality ratio
  • Customers looking to have a one stop solution for all their flooring needs in a hospital: Ebaco could provide homogenous floors for the corridors, more colourful floors for the hospital rooms to provide a better mood for patients, bacteria killing floors for outpatient areas and prenatal areas, and specialised conductive floors for operating theatres and sports surfaces for rehabilitative areas.
Types of areas that Ebaco specialises in are
  • Patient rooms
  • Corridors
  • Outpatient areas
  • Pre-natal areas
  • Labaratories
  • Operating theatre
  • Rehabilitative areas